The postage stamps of Herm in the Channel Islands


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The stamps of Herm 1949 - 1969       

General Notes

1. Some stamps are available from the Herm Island shop.  Availability is indicated on the page for each set of stamps. .
2. Where stamps from a set are available for sale, a link is provided to the Stamp Sales page, where further information may be found.
3. In 1989 Backman & Forrester produced a catalogue of Herm Stamps which remains the main reference source. Their catalogue numbers are shown below (e.g. B&F 71 - 76). A major new catalogue is being prepared by Jon Aitchison but is not yet available.
4. In the Backman & Forrester catalogue sheets of stamps are shown as, for example, B&F 71.S - 76.S. Proof stamps are shown with a "P" instead of an "S".
5. Some stamps, as shown, are no longer available from Herm Island but can be obtained from collectors and dealers.
6. The stamps on this summary page are shown as smaller than actual size.  On the pages showing individual sets, the images are approximate to the actual size, or larger to show detail.

Click on the name or image of each set to go to the page for each set

HS1: Map Definitives
Issued 26 May 1949



HS2: Pigeon Post
Issued 26 May 1949



HS3: Coronation
Issued 2 June 1953



HS4: Crest Definitives
Issued 7 January 1954


Issued 7 August 1954
HS6: Flora and Fauna
Issued 25 October 1954
HS7: Neolithic Man
Issued 1 May 1957
HS8: Royal Visit
Issued 26 July 1957
HS9: Map Definitives
Issued 14 June 1958
HS10: Map and Boat
Issued 1 June 1959
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HS11: Royal Visit
Issued 22 June 1959
HS12: Royal Wedding
Issued 6 May 1960
HS13: World Refugee Year
Issued 28 June 1960
HS14: Europa 1961
Issued 18 September 1961
HS15: Anti-Malaria
Issued 7 June 1962
HS16: Europa 1962
Issued 17 September 1962
HS17: Europa 1963
Issued 16 September 1963
HS18: Provisional
Issued 17 August 1964
HS19: Europa 1964
Issued 14 September 1964
HS20: Liberation Anniversary
Issued 9 May 1965
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HS21: Churchill Memorial
Issued 31 January 1966
HS22: Europa 1966
Issued 26 September 1966
HS23: Provisional
Issued 31 August 1967
HS24: Map & Boat Definitives
Issued 22 July 1968
HS25: Provisional:
Issued 1 April 1969
HS26: Ship Definitives
17 September 1969
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