The postage stamps of Herm in the Channel Islands


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Herm Island Stamps available for sale

This page provides information about the opportunity to buy Herm Island stamps and related items from the Herm Island gift shops.  The information here updates and replaces the Herm Stamps section on the Herm Island website (www.herm.com) and is produced in association with Herm Island Ltd.

The Word document Herm Island Stamps available for sale provides details of the stamps, stamp sets, stamp sheets and first day covers available from Herm Island Ltd.  All the stamps can be viewed in the Stamps Sets section of this website.

The Enquiry/Order Form (Word document) can be used to place an order for items required, or to raise queries with the Herm Island gift shop.

Herm Island Gift Shops also have an eBay webpage where stamps and other items related to Herm can be purchased.

For further enquiries about Herm Island stamp sales, email neilwaterhouse@herm.com 


Herm Island Stamps available for sale                                    Enquiry/Order Form