The postage stamps of Herm in the Channel Islands


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Articles on Herm stamps

The articles in this series give some indication of the scope and diversity of Herm's own stamps and the history of its independent postal service.  

Please note that the illustrations are not necessarily reproduced at the same size as the original.

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Herm's local stamps by Dr Bob Forrester
A brief history of Herm’s postal services, and the introduction to a range of articles about Herm’s stamps and other postal matters  
Love Story by Dr Bob Forrester

The story of the creation of a stamp, from its conception as someone's 'brainchild' to its issue over the post office counter  

The Life Story of a Stamp by Dr Bob Forrester
This article covers the whole life of a stamp, from its creation to its various uses.  It was written by Dr Bob Forrester shortly before he died in January 2009.
Post offices and post boxes by Dr Bob Forrester
Herm has had some unusual arrangements for these essential services  
An island of passing interest by Dr Bob Forrester
The Bréhon Tower and its reef have featured in several stamp issues  
Make do and mend by Dr Bob Forrester
When the right stamps were not to hand, other measures were taken  
A striking issue by Dr Bob Forrester
A postal strike in the UK led to the emergency use of some surplus Herm stamps  

Herm 'Flimsies' by John Simpson

Herm's 'Pigeon Post' service had its own special stamp and lightweight paper


Herm Island and its Anti-Malaria Stamps 
by Roger Cichorz

Amongst the 'thematic' issues produced by Herm Island were Anti-Malaria sets

The Postal History of the Smaller Channel 
Islands: Herm by David Gurney

A range of handstamps and datestamps were used by the Herm postal service


Illustrations from the collections of the late Dr Bob Forrester and David Ackroyd, and from other sources

Scanning and editing by Peter Hewitt